Service Request

Welcome to the Highland Park Water Corporation Community.  Please contact our office by phone -or- you can print out the Service Application and Agreement (if available) to apply for service. We look forward to serving your water needs.

Request for Multiple Meters or Special Service: If you are a land developer, require multiple meters or require special water services, please contact us for information on how to complete your application.


Pursuant to Chapter 13.2502 of the Texas Water Code, Highland Park Water Supply Corporation hereby gives notice that any person who subdivides land by dividing any lot, tract, or parcel of land, within the service area of Highland Park Water Supply Corporation, Certificate of Convenience and Necessity No. 11797, in McLennan or Bosque Counties, into two or more lots or sites for the purpose of sale or development, whether immediate or future, including resubdivision of land for which a plat has been filed or recorded, or requested more than one water service connections on a single contiguous tract of land, must comply with the Developer, Subdivision, and Non-Standard Service Policy (the “Subdivision Policy”) contained in Highland Park Water Supply Corporation’s Tariff.

Highland Park Water Supply Corporation is not required to extend retail water or sewer utility service to a Service Applicant in a subdivision where the developer of the subdivision has failed to comply with the Subdivision Policy.

Among other requirements, the Subdivision Policy requires:

Applicable elements of the Subdivision Policy, depending on the specific circumstances of the subdivision service may include:
• Evaluation by Highland Park Water Supply Corporation of the impact a proposed subdivision service extension will make on Highland Park Water Supply
• Corporation’s water supply system and payment of the costs for this evaluation
• Payment of fees for reserving water supply capacity
• Forfeiture of reserved water supply capacity for failure to pay applicable fees
• Payment of costs of any improvements to Highland Park Water Supply Corporation and dedication by the developer of water facilities within the subdivision following inspection.

Highland Park Water Supply Corporation’s Tariff and a map showing Highland Park Water Supply Corporation’s service area may be reviewed at Highland Park Water Supply Corporation’s offices by contacting HPWSC P.O. Box 254 China Spring, TX  76633. (254) 836-1890. The tariff policy and service area map also are filed of record at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in Austin, Texas and may be reviewed by contacting the TCEQ, c/o Utility Rates and Services [Certification and Rate Design] Section, Water Utilities Division, P.O. box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711.